Off The Rails – Episode 008 – I’m No Stranger, I’m Ric Flair!

On this special episode, we take a walk down memory lane 25 years later, Discuss how much of a good thing is too much, and go out to Sin City for a little fantasy fun.

Show Notes:

Brewery – Firestone Walker

A Double Wookie Sandwhich – 1/2 Part Wookie Jack 1/2 Part Double Jack

Ernest Hemingway

Our New Spokesman – Arjun Rocks

Taj Mahal





Queen Mary

The Willow Tavern

Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion


Primm Valley Golf


Foundation Room

Ric Ocasek

Dolly Parton

3 Card Poker


Anytime Ale 99 Pack

Come listen to Noah, Sean, and Bubba go Off The Rails!

One thought on “Off The Rails – Episode 008 – I’m No Stranger, I’m Ric Flair!

  1. Ok, boys…….what is this BS “blame Justine Miller”. I think EVERYONE of you forgot….I HAD the tickets at 6:00 and if anybody had bought (or used a drink ticket to fetch) me a beer, you had access baby. All this talk about “tip your bartender” hey….I had the tickets. Thank you Mickey for getting your mother a drink, and Brian Wiltjer for offering. Now, I am a big fan of the podcast and three words I never want to hear again, from you mokes, is BLAME JUSTINE MILLER.

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