Off The Rails – Episode 010 – Bye For Now!

On this special episode, we pay tribute to a giant name in acting, we debate who should be carved onto our latest “Mount Rushmore”, and we get some travel tips from our man Taylor.

This weeks beer:
Cluster’s Last Stand  4.75 Bottlecaps
Collaboration between Smuttynose and Stone Breweries

Click here for a list of all the beers so far! (Comming Soon)

Chris Simonsen’s Bar!!!

Public Enemy – Get Up Stand Up!


Eric The Actor





Come listen to Noah, Sean, and Bubba go Off The Rails!

One thought on “Off The Rails – Episode 010 – Bye For Now!

  1. First off, the Mount Rushmore segment is the best even when you all agreed last time. This time it was great. Secondly, Bubba was dead on with Stallone. You have to have him on the list: rocky, Rambo, cobra, Tango and Cash (Russell had some great movies too), cliff hanger, DEMOLITION MAN, Judge Dredd, Daylight, and at 70ish, still laying down Rambo, Rocky, and Expendables movies. No doubt. Eastwood might be on mine. Great call out to my boy Sean on Angelina Jolie. (Wife was Lara Croft for Halloween. …. smoking hot image for me.)
    Great show guys! Like Howards 3 day work week, it leaves me wanting more.
    Recommendation on content–Mt Rushmore of models or actresses. Makes for great Web content too.
    Finally, thanks for going to the game Sean. My bad luck won out over yours. Next year brother.

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