Off The Rails – Episode 001 – Jean Ralphio is Spiderman

On this episode the boys talk about the “Gathering of the Jugalos”, discuss their opinions on “Campy Batman” vs. “The Dark Knight”, &  Bubba makes a mistake and digs up some Netflix Gold.

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Off The Rails – Episode One – Jean Ralphio is Spiderman

Show Notes

Beer for this Episode:
Jewbilation 17 –

The Gathering of the Jugalos:

Here is the link to the infomercial:

Sweet Sugar Toy Drive video:

SNL sketch:

The Squatty Potty –

Shit Bubba Finds On Netflix:

Karate-Robo Zaborgar

The Triple Lindy:

First image of Ben Affleck as Batman:

Sad Batman becomes a Meme:

Jean Ralphio is Spiderman

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