Off The Rails – Episode 004 – Live From Beirut

Off The Rails – Episode 004 – Live From Beirut

Show Notes

On this episode we debate if Aquaman is a pussy, discuss if the US will ever be good in soccer and do we even care, and Bombs over Cypress on the 4th of July.


Beer For This Episode:

Shipyard Brewery / Barley Wine

Definition of “Lacing”

Peanut Butter Challenge



Jumping Jacks

Safe and Sane Block Party

Oil Drum Grill

World Cup

Rise of the MLS

Suraez Biting


World Cup Qatar



From Superman to The Atom??

Ben Affleck as Superman?

Chappelle on Aquaman

On the next episode of “Shit Bubba Finds on Netflix”

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Come listen to Noah, Sean, and Bubba go Off The Rails!

2 thoughts on “Off The Rails – Episode 004 – Live From Beirut

  1. I appreciate the recommendation of drinking along whilst listening. Wish I would’ve thought of that THREE EPISODES AGO! Good times, guys. I’m enjoying the rhetoric.

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