About The Hosts

NoahMOYNoah Musser

Former host of Information Overload, Noah brings a particular set of skills to the podcast. He is a huge lover of old TV and Movies and will defend the merits of Aquaman to the grave. When he is not hosting this podcast he is trying to keep all his fantasy football teams in order. Long live the Fighting Amish.

Sean Taylor

Our resident beer judge Sean is attempting to go through the process of getting his license to become an official worldwide judge.  His love for hops and barley is only matched by his love of music. He is a snob in both areas.

 Brian “Bubba” Acebedo

Bubba is a 42 year old “man” who likes good comic books and bad movies.  He always quotes wrestlers from the 80’s, but only at funerals and job interviews.  He remembers when playing video games were about muscle memory and skill, not about staying up past your bedtime and going online to play team shooters, to call your elders a “faggot” who’s “not pulling his own weight”.  Give me a damn break, kid.  I have to work tomorrow.

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